Day Twenty-four: Thursday, March 20 (Travel home from Beijing to San Diego):

We got up very early and checked out of the hotel.  Jack, our driver for the past three days picked us up at 5:15 a.m. and took us to the airport.  Even at that early hour there was some traffic on the road.  We arrived at gigantic terminal three of Beijing international airport 40-minutes later.  The terminal is at least as long as an American football field.  After we checked-in and dropped off our luggage we went to Starbucks to spend the last of our Chinese Yuan on coffee for MaryKay and Bill.  We boarded the Boeing 787 dream-liner, I in business class and MaryKay and Bill in economy.  The business class section is very nice as is the economy section, however the dimming window shades don’t get very dark, think auto window tinting.  I was very hungry as all I’d had that morning was a protein bar four hours earlier, so was very happy to have my breakfast/lunch combo meal. 

We arrived in Tokyo and I said my good-byes to MaryKay and Bill as they were connecting to Delta to Portland and I was continuing on Japan Air Lines to San Diego.  The business class lounge is the nicest I’ve experienced.  In addition to plenty of space to relax and plenty of hot food, alcoholic and non- alcoholic drinks there was a sleeping area and even massage chairs.  I used my 4.5 hour layover to update my blog before the last leg of the flight. 

I feel so fortunate to have had this incredible experience.  I got to visit five very distinct countries and nine cities and have many wonderful memories of our time here with Matt and Aunt MaryKay and Uncle Bill who were so appreciative of the effort I put in to make the trip smooth and enjoyable.  I hope one day to share Asia with my parents as I know they would enjoy it.



One Response to “Day Twenty-four: Thursday, March 20 (Travel home from Beijing to San Diego):”

  1. Helen Says:

    Jared Thank you for the opportunity to follow your adventures. It was fun reading the blog and I am sorry it is over as I have been looking forward to each days posting. Aunt El

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