Cuba Cruise: Wednesday, March 1 and Thursday, March 2 (Day 1 and 2): Traveling to Montego Bay, Jamaica

We arrived at the San Diego airport a little early as we weren’t sure how busy it would be for a mid-week night flight.  As it turns out the airport was very quiet and we were the only ones at the American Airlines check-in counter.  Holding first class tickets, after we cleared security we went to the lounge to relax before our flight.  Imagine our surprise when we were told that the lounge is only for first class ticket holders traveling far distances, as in Europe or Asia, evidently the Caribbean doesn’t count even though it was international and involved flying over the ocean.  I was so mad I took to Twitter, sending three angry Tweets to American, it should be noted that I rarely Tweet and have never send one to a corporation.  I did get a response from American, which just reiterated what the lounge attendant had stated.  I still think this is a very poor customer experience.  First world problems as they say.

Our four-hour flight from San Diego to Miami was fine and I was able to nap along the way.  We arrived in Miami at 5:40 a.m. and had a four-hour layover.  We busied ourselves with some travel-related Googling and then boarded our 1.5 hour flight to Montego Bay.  We arrived at beautiful Montego Bay a little before noon, easily passing through customs and waited in the baggage claim for Matt’s Aunt MaryKay and Uncle Bill who were arriving just a few minutes after us.  With the three of us united, I hailed and negotiated a taxi for us and we arrived at the Sunscape Resort 20-minutes later.

We enjoyed a buffet lunch while waiting for our ocean-front rooms to be ready.  After check-in MaryKay, Bill and I enjoyed the pool and Matt took a much deserved nap.  That evening we enjoyed a delicious Italian dinner in one of the on-property restaurants.  It was an all-inclusive resort so all the food and drinks were included, which was nice.

Montego Bay Sunscape Resort

Sunscape Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Sunscape Resort Montego Bay

Sunscape Resort, Montego Bay, Jamaica

Celestyal Crystal Pulling into Montego Bay

Celestyal Crystal pulling into Montego Bay, Jamaica













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