Wednesday, March 8 (Day 8): At Sea

We slept in and then went to breakfast.  Mid-morning we went to the gym and enjoyed a BBQ lunch.  Tonight was the formal night and we enjoyed the Captain’s cocktail party before dinner.

Impressions of the ship:

The ship is very small by today’s standards.  It boasts 1,200 passengers.  Originally built in 1980 as a ferry, it’s also one of the oldest passenger cruise ships afloat.  The cabins are a little smaller than is typical on more modern ships.  Also, while the ship has most amenities of other ships; a pool, spa, gym, restaurants, casino, shops, they are all just smaller and less elaborate than most newer ships.  Also, food is available during ‘typical dining times’ only.  If you want to have a late lunch, your only option is to purchase a sandwich.  The quality of the food is the highpoint of the ship.  Unlike larger ships that are preparing food for 2,500+ people, the Celestyal Crystal is only preparing food for 1,200 and thus doesn’t need to rely on as many frozen and canned items.  The ships staff is excellent.  The ship is relatively well maintained, although we had two issues with our cabin, the air conditioning and the toilet both needed servicing.  At the time we booked, the Celestyal Crystal was the only cruise ship that sailed to and around Cuba, today several of the large cruise lines sail to Cuba.  I’d recommend considering booking on one of the larger lines.

Bill, MaryKay, Jared, Matt Formal Night Celestyal Crystal

Bill, MaryKay, Jared and Matt during formal night on Celestyal Crystal


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